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We are a Fair Trade School! This is the second year that we have successfully received fair trade school status. This means that our school is committed to promoting, selling and using Fair Trade products as well as learning about fair trade issues.
Tudhoe Colliery Fair Trade Gift Shop!

We hold a regular Fair Trade gift shop which we are now combining with ‘Baking Together’ sessions in Year 6 where parents are invited into school to bake fair trade cakes/biscuits with their child. These cakes are then sold at the Fair trade shop!

Questions about Fair Trade:

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade ensures that workers across the world receive a fair wage for their work. This means a better quality of life for them and their families.

Why are Fair Trade products more expensive?

The products are more expensive because a greater (and fairer) amount is being paid to workers.

Where do the products come from?

Our products come from all over the world - Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Indonesia, Guatamala, Thailand....and that’s only a few of the countries!